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 Hitman Pets and Animal Box weapons

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PostSubject: Hitman Pets and Animal Box weapons   Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:35 pm

Some credit goes to Tatsuya for giving me the idea. Thanks Tatsuya! (For Hitman pets.)
Hitman Pet
Now you may be wondering as to what exactly is a pet? Well examples are with the Arcobelno and Dino. Reborn has Leon and Dine has... Well... His turtle. Every Hitman is allowed to have one pet and one pet alone. If it's HP hits zero is CAN be revived. The reviving process takes at least a day of resting (RP time.) and you can't be in any other thread while resting. Once a pet is made it can't be changed unless admin gives you permission. DON'T WHINE if a an admin says no.

Now you must be wondering what makes a pet so special right? Well having a pet is technically almost like having an entire player under your own control! This opens up a tag team for the hitman and his pet allowing both of them to attack, defend, or whatever else you need! By now you must be thinking to yourself what exactly is a draw back to this? Well, to actually get your pet's stats up (Which has no limit exactly as a player would.) you must sacrifice your own stat points from your sentence submissions. Meaning you have to split the stat points between your character and your character's pet.

Miscellaneous information: You can have your pet start off small and have it grow as it gains power. You can't let your pet have sky flame if you yourself didn't get it. If you have any other questions please direct them towards the question section of the post. Pets can be used to take damage for you.
Animal Box weapon
There is a limit of TWO animal box weapons. Each animal box can only be used ONCE in every fight. Meaning once they are K.O'd in a fight they are gone for the rest of that fight.

Alright let me lay the ground rules for animal box weapons and how they work. You can create any rank animal box weapon and they can go up in rank. (Only to A rank.) Due to your power advancing, but for it to go up in rank you need admin's approval first. So be careful cause we aren't going to allow a rank up just like that. We will have it rank up off a random chance. 40% chance it will rank up. Other than that if it fails it will be disabled from ranking up.
Also when creating an animal box weapon they have stats and can fight along side you... BUT!!! Their stats never change (Unless they are ranked up.) unlike a hitman's pet which has infinite potential. The stats are as follows for each rank... Every Pet will have a 50% increase to a certain stat of your choosing. (The increase is dependent on the rank.) Sky flame users using an animal box that isn't their attribute loses 10% of each stat!

D Rank Animal Box Weapon:
Hp: 750
C Rank Animal Box Weapon:
Hp: 1,500
Strength: 600
Defense: 600
B Rank Animal Box Weapon:
A Rank Animal Box Weapon:
Hp: 5,000
S Rank Box weapon:
Stats are determined by admin, unless user has permission to create the box weapon. Rules will be explained to you on what to do while creating it through VIA pm.

The stats above do NOT include the 50% stat boost. The 50% stat boost can be in any stat, but only in ONE stat.
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Hitman Pets and Animal Box weapons
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