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 Animal Box Weapon Template

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PostSubject: Animal Box Weapon Template   Thu Apr 22, 2010 1:51 am

Please read this before making animal box weapons

The stats of your Box weapon will be given with the next post... (Only if it is accepted.)

Name(Optional.): Give it a name

Animal: What animal is it?

Looks: Does it have a special look about it? (Can be explained in words or a picture.)

Rank: What rank is it? (Remember you need the same level ring as the rank to use it.)

Main Stat: What is it's main stat? (This is the stat that gets the 50% boost. Hp can be counted as the main stat.)

Flame: What Flame type is the Box?

FV Cost: How much FV does it cost?

Ability: Does it have a special ability?

Attacks: What attacks does it have if any? (Limited to two attacks.)

Clean and ready to copy paste





Main Stat:


FV cost:



Attack template

Clean and ready to copy paste

Attack Name:

What stat does it utilize:

What does it do:
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Animal Box Weapon Template
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