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 Word minimum. READ

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PostSubject: Word minimum. READ   Tue Apr 20, 2010 6:07 pm

Sentences will only count if they are 5 words or more. You can still post ones that are less... They just WON'T count towards anything at all. If I see you complain as to why the sentence didn't count I will issue a verbal warning with this link. If it happens a second time you will gain zero credit for posting for a week. A third time will be two weeks. If it happens a fourth time YOU WILL BE BANNED! Cause seriously it shouldn't be that hard to understand. It means you are immature... Most likely too immature for the site. I will also do I.P searches and if I see you have another character that char will be banned as well. Also please make not... If you complain on one char then another... I will count it as double... Meaning you will get a month of zero credit. If it is your first offense... I will let it slide.
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Word minimum. READ
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