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 Almighty Rules! Read

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PostSubject: Almighty Rules! Read   Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:31 pm

1.Don't double post unless it is needed. There a few exceptions to this rule. One exception is solo RPs you are allowed to have multiple posts.

2.Don't ask to become Admin or Mod.

3.Don't attempt to start a fight with someone else. Respect your fellow rpers.

4.Admin's word is final.

5.No sexual explicit scenes.

6.Don't god mode (Even though with the system it is nearly impossible to do.)

7.Don't whine if you get killed. It is an RP. Not real life make a new character and have fun.

8.Running away is possible. BUT... It has to be in a way that is actually possible. An Admin or Mod will review it and will judge if it is an acceptable way of escaping. Don't complain if an admin or mod says it was a failed escape.

9.Stronger players, please try not to pick on newer/weaker players without a reason.

10.There is no minimum sentence post... But please try to make it long enough for another player's response.

11. Not every fight will be fair. Sometimes it can wind up two vs one. Don't complain about it.

12. DO NOT CHARACTER CONTROL. Meaning do not control another person's character without their consent.

12. The most important rule is... To have fun!

BE WARNED... NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES WILL LEAD TO BEING BANNED... NOT CAN... WILL Except number 10... That one doesn't count xP
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Almighty Rules! Read
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