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 Reasonable skills and attacks

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PostSubject: Reasonable skills and attacks   Tue May 18, 2010 3:58 pm

Now there is some confusion about reasonable abilities and such. Most of the attacks I wanna see are in % form or if they have another effect list it with the attack. When making your attack(s) please be reasonable and don't go crazy about it. In the future I might switch so admins create your damage and attack stats.

But examples:

A good C rank attack:
Name: Blank
Damage: 120% of strength or like 70% of defense and like 40% of magic. Stuff like that. Of course there are other types of creating your attack as a more numerical approach or otherwise.

A good S rank attack (For ability users. As box weapons will be a little overpowered compared to this.)
S rank
Name: Blank
Damage: I don't want to see something like an attack that deals over 700% damage total. Of course a single can be capped at 400% meaning you can't have an attack that deals 700% damage but it ca be split to like 400% magic and 300 Strength. Of course for an attack like this it needs to be reasonable with your other skills and if it isn't this will be denied. Like if you have a ton of OPed moves you won't be able to have an attack this strong. Over all your attacks need to be balanced out and will be verified by an admin.
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Reasonable skills and attacks
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