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 A random short story

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PostSubject: A random short story   Sat May 08, 2010 12:50 am

OOC: I will add more to this as I progress.

Chapter 1
A Bloody year

It was the middle of July, and the weather felt perfect. A gentle and light breeze was blowing, which added on to this perfect day. It cooled everything it touched as it blew by. Even the Adam Dielschneider, who was sitting outside in the back of his house on his porch. Adam was a tall good looking man, standing 6'0" and weighing around 160 to 170 lbs. He had jet black hair, that was styled to look somewhat straight, and messy. He was sitting outside with his upper body exposed to the elements. This had also attracted a few eyes to him. The reason for this being his military physique. In a way you could say he looked like one of those demi-gods from Greek myth. He wasn't to overly muscular, his body was just right to attract anyone to him.

As he sat on his lawn chair looking up at the clear blue sky through his sleek, and stylish sun glasses he felt a bit out of place since he had finished his tour in Iraq no more than two months ago yet it felt odd. It shouldn't have though. He had seen somethings over there that would have effected normal people in a bad way, but for him it was his job to see the stuff he saw. He was a Air Commando. Trained to be the best, and the best he was. He was trained to fight, kill, and save. He was trained for every possible outcome or situation that would arise in any kind of mission. He was in a way a super soldier. They were considered to be the best spec ops unit in the world, due to what they did, and what they were capable of doing.

Adam had been a Air Commando for no more than 3 years. He had long since served his contract in the forces, but he loved the military. It was his life long dream just to be a soldier. It was something no one wanted him to be, but it happened anyways. Before he had become an Air Commando he had served as an airmen for a good 4 to 5 years. Which was required to join the AC. It was a hard group to get into though due to the training, and rough life-style. There was no room for relationships, or much fun. Once they made it in, they'd have to go anywhere and everywhere the government told them to. If their pager went off that meant they had to go. It was this that made Adam feel odd. He hadn't received anything. Sure it was a good thing, because it meant he had more time to himself. Yet being a civilian was to hard for him. He'd rather be a soldier than a civilian, he just didn't fit in with them anymore. He'd seen and done to much to go back to that kind of life-style.

Adam looked around a bit. As he did he saw a woman climb over his fence, and head right towards him. Of course he knew this woman. Her name was Karley Maximuk, or how her friends called her 'Karley Bear'. She preferred Karley Bear more than anything really. She too was also with the Air Commando's, and she was also dating Adam. Many could see why. She was drop dead sexy. Her straight long dark brown hair matched her beautiful facial features. Adam just ignored her though. He was used to her climbing over his fence trying to get to him.

Once she came up to Kyle she gave him a swift kick to the gut. Which Kyle moved fast to block with his hands. "What the heck Karley?!" Kyle inquired wondering why she had just did what she did. As he finished asking, he let her foot loss. She just starred at him with her brown eyes. Kyle made sure not to look her directly into her eyes. He was afraid he had done something wrong. In most cases when she tried to attack him, he had either did something to piss her off, or was caught looking at something he wasn't supposed to. This time however it was different. It wasn't anger in her eyes but rather fear. What was she afraid of? It was something that was going to bother Kyle until she told him. That is IF she does tell him.

Once she relaxed herself a bit, Kyle stood up to his full height then went to confort her. He embraced her in a loving and protective way. She knew this and soon began to nuzzle her head in his chest. Her arms swung around Kyle, and she held him as if she was hurt.

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A random short story
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