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 Other Weapon Template

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PostSubject: Other Weapon Template   Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:03 am

IMPORTANT: For a flame weapon like Tsuna's gloves or Xanxus's guns it will require a flame cost (Fiamma Volts.) Weapons like these either have a minus per turn or minus per use. A weapon like Tsuna's gloves will have a small minus of FV per post. A weapon like Xanxus's guns will take a medium FV cost. Like 25 FV per shot

A person is limited to TWO of these weapons. (Per character.)

These are normally weapons used by Civilians and Students. Mafia and others can have them as well.

Name(Optional.): What is the name of your weapon?

Weapon: What type of weapon is it?

Weapon rank: Higher rank weapons have higher requirements.

Abilities: What can it do?

History: Is there anything special about it? Or do you have a history with the weapon?

Looks/Description: A picture or a text description of the weapon.

Fv/AS Cost: For weapons that use an ability or to actually use the weapon.

Ring requirement: Higher rank weapons have to have a ring accompanying it to actually use it. Like an A rank Weapon needs an A rank Ring ect. (A D rank weapon needs a D rank ring to use it.) Some weapons start weak and get strong. So you can have a weapon that is D-A rank. Please list what it can do each rank in abilities though.
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Weapon Rank:




Fv/As Cost:

Ring Requirement:
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Other Weapon Template
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