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 Box Weapon Template

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PostSubject: Box Weapon Template   Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:58 am

These are only limited to Mafia related people. Box weapons cost a decent amount of FV per use. The price is usually only paid once until weapon is destroyed or otherwise.

S-rank Box weapons are possible to get. They are controlled by admin. Getting one is completely random choice and you will know if you got one through via pm. They will also be made by an admin. (The last part is still being discussed. We may allow you to create it yourself.)

Limited to FIVE unless said otherwise. Anymore requires admin's permission.

Box Weapon Name (Optional): Name of box weapon. Just in case you wanted to make it sound cooler.

Flame cost(Aka Fiamma Volts.): How much does it cost to use the said box weapon?

What stat does it utilize: What stat does it mainly affiliate with? (This is typically pointed toward the stat it will use. If it is an illusion attack it will use magic.)

Box Weapon Type: Armor, Item, Weapon, Single technique

Box Weapon Rank: D-A D being the lowest and A being the highest. This is for Ring requirement.

Description: Give a description of what it is and what it looks like

What Abilities does it have: What can it do?

Ring Requirement: What level ring does it need to be used. An A rank box needs and A rank ring a D level box needs a D level Ring.
Clean and ready to copy paste.

Box Weapon Name (Optional):

Flame cost(Aka Fiamma Volts.):

What stat does it utilize:

Box Weapon Type:

Box Weapon Rank:


What Abilities does it have:
Just what are box weapons? Well here is an explanation of them. They do work slightly different here than in the description.

Box Weapons are small, hand-held cubes that hold tremendous power and Weapons within them, which are fuelled by the Dying Will Flame of the user. For the Weapon within to be used, the right type of Ring, Flame, and Box must be matched up (i.e. Storm Ring, Storm Flame, and Storm Box Weapon) The higher the rank of the Ring, and the more pure the Flame and thus the more powerful the Weapon will be. It should also be noted that the Sky Flame can be used with any Box Weapon but it will not be able to unlock that Box Weapon's full potential.

The original idea for Box Weapons was based on the work of a biologist from the 4th Century, Geppetto Lorenzini. He designed 343 different Animal based Weapons but lacked the technology to create them. Centuries later, three scientists: Verde of the Arcobaleno, Innocenti, and Arms-Dealer Koenig found Lorenzini's designs and created the Box Weapons by using the power of the Mafia Rings as a power source, which solved many of the problems. After they created all of the Box Weapons that Lorenzini designed, they continued to invent new types of Boxes and Weapons, for example storage Boxes. Thinking of nothing but funding their research, they sold the Box Weapons to the Mafia for very low prices. Now, of the three scientists, only Koenig remains alive and continues to create newer box weapons (Verde was dead in the future but was later revive by the cost of Yuni and Gamma sacrifice and created the Vongola Box Rings )[1]. The effects of the Weapon match the Flame's characteristics, but may be utilized differently depending on the weapon itself.

Thanks again Wikia
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Box Weapon Template
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