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 Calintz's "other" Weapon

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PostSubject: Calintz's "other" Weapon   Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:35 am

Name: First Tsurugi

Weapon: Sword

Weapon Rank: D-S (currently D)


Calintz's sword is unique among other swords as it is not 1 sword but actually 6 that interlock to form a single, 7th blade. These 6 blades all possess their own unique powers as does the completed form. The Abilities of this sword are varied, but require an S rank Ability user in order to bring out it's full potential. Perhaps Calintz's sword's most unique and also its most basic power is the ability for Calintz to summon it to his person at will. When the sword is not being wielded, the sword holds no physical form and as a result if , or any of its components breaks it can 'reconstruct' itself given enough time in its formless state.

D Rank Abilities:
-Calintz can summon the blade to his hand at will.
-Calintz can separate any combination of the smaller components of the blade to dual wield with.
-The sword as a whole or any of its components are capable of cutting through concrete and other similar man made matter
-Name: Blade Break

Rank: D ~ A (currently D)

Stat: Strength

What does it do: Blade Break enhances Calinitz's sword by infusing it with his magic. Combining his strength (100% of his strength.) with 15% of his magic. Example, let's say Calinitz's strength is 150. So first you take that then add 15% of his magic stat, which we will also say is 150. So you will have 150+22.5(For this instance it will just round up to 23.) Making the attack do 173 points of damage. Defense stat is what blocks it. Rank D-A (Each rank adds a 3% bonus for each rank Calinitz gains to combination of magic and strength. Example rank C will be 18% Rank B will be 21% rank A will be 24% (But it will round up to 25% for rank A.)

Description: Calintz allows his magic energy to flow into his blade. By doing this he increases the power of his next strike. This ability is said to be able to cut through solid concrete and normally creates significant damage to the environment around the impact zone.

C Rank abilities:
(to be added when applicable)
B rank abilities:
(to be added when applicable)
A Rank Abilities:
(to be added when applicable)
S Rank abilities
(to be added when applicable)

History: Calintz obtained this weapon from a mafia weapons storehouse and took a shine to it. Over time he came to unlock some of its powers but he knows he has barely scratched the surface of what it is capable of. prior to his finding it, Calintz has no idea where the sword came from, what it is made of or who could have made it. He came to name it 'First Tsurugi."


The following are descriptions of the 6 blades that make up the 7th, final blade.

Vigilante (main blade):

The main blade has two forms. In its first form, the main blade resembles an exaggerated Zweihänder in shape and appearance. Despite its apparent size and weight, Calintz usually wields it with one hand. It consists of a long hilt wrapped in a red material, a distinctively large handguard which the other swords can lock into, and a long, wide blade that ends at a thin point. The main blade is the only sword among the six that is double-sided, being somewhat similar in shape to Cloud's Ultima Weapon sword from Final Fantasy VII.

In the weapon's second form, the blade splits in half down the middle, revealing a complex inner portion that gives the weapon an appearance reminiscent of Cloud's Apocalypse sword (also from FF7). It is in this second form that the other swords may be assembled onto the main blade. By itself, the main blade can often serves as Calintz's primary weapon.



As its description suggests, the hollow blade does not have an inner core as is expected with a sword. Rather, it bears the appearance of a thick sheet of metal folded in a V-shape when looked at from above, with the bottom point of the "V" serving as the cutting edge. With the lower one-third of its length wrapping around a red double-hilt, this blade locks onto the front edge of the base sword, where it snugly covers that entire side of the main blade. Its own edge serves as the striking point for the assembled sword. Despite its lack of an inner core, it is sturdy enough to deflect and block both bullets and physical attacks. Calintz also detaches the weapon from the completed First Tsurugi for use as an off-hand weapon during his fights.


Merciless & Avenger:

These two blades are identical long swords, mirror images of one other, with one side of each completely straight while the other bears a serrated pattern. A long black hilt completes the design for both. In assembling the combined form of First Tsurugi, these two swords are attached to the back side of the base sword with their serrated edges pointed toward the hollow blade.


Ascalon & Sidewinder:

The two smaller swords are identical, though mirror images of one another, with single-sided blades and gear-like mechanisms between the hilts and blades that allow them to fold up like a switchblade. It is in this folded form that these two small blades are locked onto the sides of the base sword in assembling the combined First Tsurugi, their sharp edges turned forward.In addition, either of the small blades can be quickly ejected from the assembly if needed, providing an off-hand weapon.

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PostSubject: Re: Calintz's "other" Weapon   Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:54 pm

Aceptetededed for nows... I don't want to see a really big list of abilities and such by A rank.... (S rank better not have a bunch of abilities too >.>)
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Calintz's "other" Weapon
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