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 Calintz's charcater app

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PostSubject: Calintz's charcater app   Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:44 am

Name: Calintz

Alias: I'll probably come up with one at a later date

Age: 18

Nationality: Australian

Occupation: Ability User/ Student

Date of Birth (Optional.): 15th May

Character looks: Calintz is 6'2 with a medium build that doesn't reflect the full extent of his physical strength.

Flame: N/A

Second Flame: N/A

Bio/History: Calintz is the son of a powerful mafia Hitman whose organization resides in England. Voltains mother fled from his father with her unborn child. After doing her best to leave several false trails and erase her existence completely, she finally settled in Australia where she gave birth to Calintz. The reason she fled was because she feared for the safety of her child and after repeated pleas for his father to quit the life of a mafia boss and take on the role of a father; all of which were denied. After 6 years of living peacefully, her worst fears came to pass and her past came knocking on their door. Hitmen in opposition of Calintz’s father's faction had tracked them down, planning to kill them to strike a blow at his father. Calintz’s mother, a fierce warrior in her own right, fought them off on her own, but due to the injuries she suffered in the process, Calintz spent the next hour holding her hand as she died in agonizing pain. The ambulance arrived 15 minutes later.

Using the money that the Hitmen had been carrying and selling their equipment at the local pawn shop, Calintz swore revenge on the ones who had come and killed his mother, his father for causing all of this to happen and lastly, on the entire mafia world for taking the most- and only- important person in his life away from him. Years passed and Calintz travelled from country to country, gaining knowledge of the world. When he was 12 he discovered he had inherited his mother’s legacy as an ability user during an attempted mugging in Tokyo. He almost killed 2 men in the process and broke both legs of a third before he could realize what he was doing. As none of the men were his sworn enemies- Mafia Hitmen- he was wracked with guilt and decided to find a way to hone and develop his abilities so that he could control it and further his quest. It took several months, but finally he found a man, completely by chance in a pub in Dubai. Upon getting into a drunken brawl, Calintz witnessed the man utilize the powers of an Ability user and was quick to plead with him to teach him. It took weeks, but in the end the man relented and over the next 5 years Calintz was taught the basics of being an Ability user as well as the use of all manner of weapons from knives and swords to guns and military vehicles.

By the time Calintz had turned 17, the man had become the nearest thing to a father he had ever known. But it was decided that Calintz had to learn the full extent of his powers on his own and his sensei could take him no further. With a promise to return when he had surpassed his master, Calintz left and continued his travels under the guise of several identities on the off chance there was anyone still out there that knew (or cared) that he still lived or where he was. By his 18th birthday Calintz had dabbled in all forms of work from entertainment, retail, fast food work and even mercenary work. Which he found could be to his liking, especially when it involved striking a blow at mafia related factions. It was through just such a job he took it on himself while raiding a mafia storehouse he procured a peculiar sword. It was quite large, yet it was exceptionally light to Calintz’s trained hands. Recognizing it as something beyond the realm of a normal weapon, Calintz claimed it as a 'bonus.' He soon took to using it as his weapon of choice, gradually developing a sort of bond with it as he unlocked its many unique secrets and began to tap into its potential.

Over the years since his mothers death, especially under the tutelage of his Sensei, Calintz’s views towards the mafia moderated somewhat- to the point where he will not attempt to kill one on sight. However he is easily provoked into extreme action when seeing them hurting, threatening or taking advantage of others. This does not apply to the mafia family that came after him and his mother though. He dropped his surname as a sign of disowning his father and any relation to him.

Now, Calintz is enrolled in Terra institute in America after hearing rumours of Ability users gathering there. It was there that he planned to dedicate himself to developing and exploring the full potential of his.

Personality (BECAUSE I CAN RAWR!):

Calintz is generally very quiet and something of a pacifist. He has a personal policy that he will never use his Abilities against a regular person and this frequently leads to people seeing him as a pushover. Calintz has never had any long term friends due to his lifestyle up until the present which has served to make him appear old beyond his age at times. He is slow to anger and quick to try and avoid unnecessary conflict. When he is provoked into battle though, he is best described as a cold flame. He does not become irrational or hot headed; instead he becomes cold and unforgiving. That being said, if he is pushed beyond that point and snaps he is just as likely to rip the person’s throat out without a second thought or slightest hesitation.

Due to his lifestyle up to the present, Calintz has little experience with having friends outside of convenience and is therefore somewhat awkward in social situations. His Sensei has instilled a 'protect those who cannot protect themselves' philosophy into Calintz. Perhaps as a result of the close bond he had with his mother and the violent way in which he witnessed her death- Calintz has both a deep seated hate for anyone who would raise a hand against an innocent woman but also a desire to prevent anyone else from experiencing the pain and loss that he has felt.

As an added benefit of his extensive travelling around the world, Calintz can speak and write with passable fluency in most of the world’s major languages.

RP sample: Calintz walked through the streets of Singapore with a cautious gait. Night had fallen and he was well versed in the law of the street after dark. That is to say, there wasn't any. He wasn't really afraid for his own safety, it was just that tonight of all nights he would pity the fool who decided he was an easy mark. Inevitably, with his long read hair and height he stood out as a potential trophy for a group or men who came swaggering out of a pub a short distance behind him. Calintz could actually smell the alcohol on their breath before they came within arm’s reach. They might have gotten off easily if they'd just tried to attack him outright. He had years of experience dealing with such a scenario. But tonight- of all nights! - They did the one thing that would ensure that they incurred his ire.

"Oi, kiddo", the man’s voice was slurred slightly, further evidence he had drunk too much but Calintz simply ignored the shout and kept walking. Frustrated at being ignored and not wishing to be seen as relenting in front of his fellows, the man sped up to a swaggering run and caught Calintz by the shoulder. He would smack this kid around a bit for a laugh with the boys and head to the brothel in the next street over he thought. Calintz shrugged the man’s hand off and made to keep walking when the man shouted angrily, "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to ignore your elders?"

Calintz froze mid stride, his entire body jerking to a halt as though he had hit a wall. Not seeing this, or perhaps interpreting it as fear, the poor hapless man stepped towards Calintz, swinging his massive fist at the back of his head. What happened next happened so fast that the other men who were laughing and joking as they watched their friend didn't comprehend what happened. There was a sickening crack and a howl of pain, but the howl hadn't come from where they expected. Their big friend who had been attacking the kid dropped to his knees, sobbing shamelessly as he cradled his left. Upon closer inspection it could be seen that the arm had been dislocated and broken in two separate places. Calintz stood over him, his presence suddenly cold and menacing as his face was lost in the shadows.

Pressing his right foot against the man’s shattered arm, causing a fresh wave of agonizing screams Calintz spoke."If you ever mention my mother with your filthy tongue again, I'll tear it out and feed it to you." He spoke slowly and calmly, his voice carrying to the sobbing mans shocked friends. Without waiting to embellish, boast or brag Calintz simply turned and left. No one present dared to follow him . A short time later, Calintz walked into the most unlikely of places. A church. At this time of night the place was all but abandoned, but that was the way Calintz wanted it. Sitting in the front row, Calintz bowed his head and sat in silence on tonight of all nights. The Night his mother died to save him. He sat there unmoving for over two hours. Remembering. When he finally stood up, it was to go to the airport where he had already booked a single ticket. The ticket read "America" and a brochure he held in the same hand displayed a large building on the cover along with the words: "Terra Academy", his final destination for the foreseeable future.

Secret Word: Vongola
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PostSubject: Re: Calintz's charcater app   Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:40 pm

Aceptedededed~ Full trity golds
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Calintz's charcater app
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