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 Samael's App

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PostSubject: Samael's App   Thu Apr 22, 2010 3:18 pm

Name: Samael Ba'el

Alias: Samael? >>

Age: 23

Nationality: German

Occupation: Mafia Member

Date of Birth(Optional.): Going to take liberty of option not to fill this in.....

Character looks:

Flame: Storm

Second Flame: Mist

Bio/History: Born and raised in germany samael led a reasonably peaceful life until around the age of 13, when his mother remarried to a man who he though was arrogant, and very ignorant. constantly enraged by this new stepfather and his mother's even newer change in attitude samael began to pick multiple fights in school. After a year or so of this he decided to start training in martial arts and took lessons from a school in muay thai and jujitsu. To further his learning purposes and also for more fatal effects he researched heavily on weaknesses to the body so he could deal more powerful blows. At the age of 17 when his stepfather angered him one day, samael accidentely killed him in the fight which ended him up in jail. During his time imprisoned samael came to learn very little of the mafia but he learned enough to interest him. After being imprisoned for 4 years a riot started in the prison which lead him to his quick freedom away from that rats nest and off to italy so he could join the mafia but only surprise after surprise awaited him.

After arriving in italy he traveled south until he was near a dock which had a boat waiting on it to leave to corsica. Just as he was about to leave on that boat he spotted a shady man and in his ignorant glee ran after him to quickly challenge him to a fight, needless to say samael was defeated and injured but he also landed a few blows which earned him points with the mafia member and was invited to join. Once he discovered boxes and acquired on for himself he began work as a mafia member.

RP sample: (Taken from another sight which is about bird people and stuff) Dark purple wings spread across the small landscape and threw forth a long shadow 14 ft across. With a head wrapped in ribbons and a large eye drawn in the middle of it along with draping robes on the lone figure who stalked across the long looking for his troublesome younger brother. With his arm enveloped into his sleeves through them being in a parallel position Baalzebub he looked like some kind of monk who was on journey.

Oddly enough he was on a type of journey but it was to search for his troublesome little brother whom he had lost track of again. Cursing under the winds at the little brat baalzebub began to hear light noises of what he surmised to be voices. Turning sharply to walk towards the voices his wings flapping lightly to give him and extra push to catch up to them. He slowly though as the noise grew louder and louder. Oi oi well since sin isnt here today shall we have some fun and catch up with the locals...if im lucky Ill get to see some royalty..hah like that could happen As he continued forward small shapes appeared at the edge of his vision and beholden to him was a sol and a ghost together. Lifting himself up a little higher he took off and headed for the pair.

Upon reaching them he circled around them once and then landed about 10 ft. away from the duo. Examining the older one first he noted she was a ghost and indeed seemed to be of importance but he could care less about that. Looking over to the small sol he let a smile crack under the bandages on his head as he knew who it was. Little old royalty must have snuck into the desert because there she was a youngster in there familyWell la di da look who i found a little old royal brat, I cant believe oh wait until sin hears about might be good to learn who the ghost is as well. Waving a single hand to say hello he let the other dropped and bowed slightly to the two. Holding out a single hand to shake he said "Hello, I am a travelling Sol stained in my races blood and might I ask who you two are? Since this little sol here seems to be from the royal family and you ghost seem to be of high importance I would appreciate an explanation" He said this with an oh so cheerful tune to it and then awaited there response

Secret Word:options
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PostSubject: Re: Samael's App   Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:53 pm

Deini-Accepted >.> I got you there didn't I ?
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Samael's App
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