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 Kyra's Weapon

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PostSubject: Kyra's Weapon   Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:16 am

Name(Optional.): Anima's Blade Prototype

Weapon: Sword/Illusion

Weapon Rank: D-A (S When possible.)

Abilities: It does Magic Damage equal to 150% of current Magic stat. (Example if magic is at 100 it will do 150. Only wisdom blocks it.) This is with normal attacking with the weapon. Does not cost 15% of total AS each attack.
Weapon Exclusive attack

Passive ability: Increases the damage of magic based attacks by 10% (Does not include damage from sword. (Unless it is damage due to Torrential Rain.)) Added upon A rank. (Ability Strength.)
Attack: Torrential Rain

Rank:B (Can't be used till B rank AS.)

Description:She unleashes a small combo of of slashes which from the tip of the blade blue waves of energy come out. These waves of energy are what actually cause the damage.

Effect: It deals Damage equal to Magic and Defense stat combine (Is only able to be blocked by Wisdom.)

AS Cost: 20% Of total AS
History: Kyra summoned this weapon on accident while practicing her ability one day. She soon realized it wasn't one of her normal techniques; as it carried a special feel/air about it. She quickly memorized how to call it out.


Fv/As Cost:15% of Total AS (Only one time cost.)

Ring Requirement:D-A (S When possible.)

S Rank ability (When received S rank other weapon.) Yes S rank Weapons that are received by chance are supposed to be strong.

It grants the blade the ability to change into either Anima's Blade of Forgiveness or Anima's Blade of Vengeance.
Her normal attack does 225% of her Magic stat (If Vengeance.) Or 225% of her defense stat. (If Forgiveness.)

Activation cost: (This cost is only for this weapon. It doesn't necessarily mean your S rank weapon will have this cost.) It costs another 15% of total Ability strength to activate this form. Prototype has to be summoned first before Anima Blades can appear.

Looks:Anima's blade true form of Forgiveness, Vengeance or Suffering is a completely different form from the prototype. I wasn't able to find an accurate picture for it, so I will leave it blank for now.

Attack Name: Anima's Suffering

Rank: S

What stat does it utilize: Magic

Ability Strength Cost: 25% of total ability strength and 75% of total Speed

What does it do: It combines 25% of total ability strength and combines it with 200% of magic. (Example if my Ability Strength was 25,000 total, I would take 6,250 of that and let's say I had 1,000 magic giving me 2,000 more damage for a total of 8,250 damage.) Kyra holds out an anima blade before her (Either Forgiveness or vengeance.) and the blade slowly changes into a black blade that is mixed with green. Since the previous for was that of an anima blade suffering can stay in existence for a longer amount of time. Since it is stronger than either Vengeance or Forgiveness it will denigrate back into Forgiveness or Vengeance upon completion of the attack. Once the blade is completely existence Kyra's body becomes almost completely inhuman. (She still keeps a human form, but her speed strength... Everything becomes inhuman.) Kyra begins to walk towards the opponent and after a couple of steps she appears closer then disappears again, then reappearing again. Each time she disappears she gets closer to her opponent. No matter how far or fast her opponent runs during this attack they can't escape. When she finally disappears when she is close, she appears right in front of the enemy. Even if the enemy were too attack her at this point in time it would phase through her. She then attacks with such speed and accuracy all over her opponent, destroying almost every part of her opponent on the outside. The pain is beyond tremendous and once the attack is complete the real world sets in again. Neither her nor her opponent seemed to have moved since the start of this attack. Her opponent's body was as it was before the attack. (Without all the cuts and such from the attack.) But the shock and pain from the attack still exist causing unreal pain throughout the body.

Basically it is an illusion that runs through the opponent's brain and the damage felt so real that the brain believes it to be real. Causing huge amounts of pain for the opponent causing the opponent to suffer.
Anima Blade looks. Some of their looks has been slightly changed due to lack of actually finding good pictures that fit the description.
Anima Blade of Forgiveness:

Anima Blade of Vengeance:

Anima Blade of Suffering:
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PostSubject: Re: Kyra's Weapon   Thu Apr 22, 2010 8:27 pm

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Kyra's Weapon
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