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 Jaye's character App

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PostSubject: Jaye's character App   Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:37 pm

Name: Xavier Jaye Corleone

Alias: Jaye, La principiante (the novice), Il Drago (The Dragon)

Age: 18

Nationality: British

Occupation: Mafia Member (in training)

Date of Birth(Optional.): July 5 1991

Character looks:

Flame: Sky

Second Flame: Storm

Bio/History: Jaye was born to a regular english family in the capital city of London, or so thats what he was lead to believe for the majortiy of his life. In actuality his mother is the daughter of a mafia boss whose family was based in the very birthplace of mafia, Sicily. Initially she had thought her father simply a very unorthodox oil exporter but when she found out that he was infact responsible for numerous deaths and subsequent sadness she was disgusted and ran away from Sicily to England so that she and her then unborn child wouldnt be dragged into that lifestyle. Jayes father originally hailed from the carribean Island of Barbados before moving to cuba and becoming a mafioso who specialised in the smuggling of guns and narcotics. Eventually his business brought him to Italy in search of ways to expand his business. Naturally to do so he had to contact local Mafia bosses one of whom happened to be Jaye's grandfather. Despite his obviously young age for a Mafia boss Jaye's father commanded much respect from those around him and became firm friends with Jaye's grandfather. That was of course until he impregenated Jaye's mother, whom he'd been secretly dating during his time there. After she ran away from Sicily, Jayes father sent people to track her and his unborn son down; it wasnt until 17 years later that he'd locate the two.

Life in England was simple for the majority of Jaye's life. He went to a normal school, associated with friends of mixed backgrounds and beliefs and above all else lead a relatively low key lifestyle. Of course things inevitably changed drastically when on Jaye's 17th birthday a man named Enzo turned up at his house. Somehow Jaye's grandfather had managed to track down his daughter and grandson and had sent Enzo to bring them both back to Italy so that Jaye could be trained as the families next boss. Initially Jaye's mother was against the move but as with many dealings with the mafia she was given an offer she couldnt refuse.

For a year jaye has been training to be a mafia boss. His tutelage coming from many different sources and involving many different areas. Such as the useage of guns and unarmed combat aswell as tutelage in summoning his own dying will flame, which was discovered to be the Sky flame that typically denotes leadership.
RP sample:

Secret Word: Vongola

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PostSubject: Re: Jaye's character App   Mon Apr 26, 2010 5:20 pm

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Jaye's character App
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