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 How to gain Gold

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PostSubject: How to gain Gold   Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:09 pm

As we all know, nothing in life is free. The saying holds true on here as well...well, for your characters lives at least. Buying weapons off the black market all the way to traveling to other places, these things cost. The universal currency is gold and this will be what you need to acquire if you want to be able to afford any of this.

1. You will need to do a post about your char actually WORKING. This "work" can relate to what class of character you have. For instance, if your a student maybe after school you'd be able to tutor students for a wage. Or, if you're a hit-man you can RP about hunting down a certain target.

2. When making post that you intend to gain gold for, you must post in OOC before your post that gaining gold is your intention. When gaining gold for post you will not gain any stats for these post. So every 20 sentences you will gain 10 gold instead.

3. You will submit these post at the end of the week in the sentence submission area just as you would for stats, but in the Gold sub-forum area of the Sentence Submissions.
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How to gain Gold
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