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 S-Rank Items and Black Market.

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PostSubject: S-Rank Items and Black Market.   Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:20 pm

So your wondering how to get an S-rank item right? Well they are completely received by chance. Each week the top 5 sentence count posters will get a diced rolled by an admin. (The dice is 1-1000. There will be 10 numbers that will give you an S rank box weapon or Ring.) Another way is by completing an RP. The RP must be Decent in admin's eyes other wise we won't roll. (This can get you an S rank Ring and the dice will be 1-500 with 7 numbers that can give you the ring.) Don't forget the rings are made by admins. The only rings you the user get to create are the mafia rings once your group makes 500k FV. The last and final way has two things to be said. First if you kill a player with S rank items. You CAN take it from them. Also upon killing a player the dice gets rolled again. (This is the one with the highest chance to get and S rank item. This time it rolls 250 with 50 numbers being possible to give you an S rank item. It does NOT roll if the player killed was way weaker than you.)

Once the item is given, it will be listed under the designated area by an ADMIN. This is so no one tries or attempts to make an S rank item. The chances of getting an S rank item may be changed if no one ever gets one.

Update!: Well as the update said other weapons S rank is now available and is currently the only one we allow you to create once you receive it.

Update 2: If you received an S rank box weapon you are allowed to PM the admin that told you that you got it with a customized S rank Box weapon. (Meaning you can make it now. You must use the normal Box Weapon template and the Box weapon will be discussed through via pms. Once complete it will be added to the Box weapon list.) Rings are not custom at all. Do NOT complain if you get a bad S rank that doesn't fit your character. Try to sell it or trade it to another player for one that fits you better.
Black Market
The Black Market is a universal area where any side can go. Enemies can even trade with each other! But!!! Only S rank items are allowed to be traded here. Either for cash or another S rank item. This is a market for player vs player. You can't trade it into an npc for another item or money. It is strictly player trade market.

It is also mainly OCC
RPing the trade is fine, but don't expect it to count towards your sentence submission.
You are welcome to leave a message there and wait till someone actually says something in response.
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S-Rank Items and Black Market.
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