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 Sentence Submission Template

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PostSubject: Sentence Submission Template   Tue Apr 20, 2010 1:38 pm

All sentence submissions should look like this:


Keep to this pattern until you have all the topics listed. Anything else will not be looked upon until properly fixed. Please remember anything OOC doesn't count towards your sentence count. Also, if you were doing post in order to acquire gold, next to the topic in your submission you must specify this. Also, be sure if your sentence submissions are for stats, at the bottom of the submission put exactly the amount of stats you want to go in whichever area you choose after doing the math, that way we can place these stats in the correct places for you.

Sentence counts will be accepted all weekend. This ends at Sunday at 11:59 pm EST (EST because the majority of users are on said time.) You can also post during this time frame but anything you do not include in your submission will be viewed as a post for next weeks submission as long as you include it in next weeks post. Any posts you do not include in the topic will not be looked at or added but you can add them to the next week submission. Remember, once you make a sentence submission thread that will be the thread you will post ALL of your sentence submission post in. Don't make new threads each week you submit your sentences, if you do they will be ignored and you wont gain your stats or gold for the week.
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Sentence Submission Template
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