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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:22 am


Creating your character! (Yay.) Please follow the template. Fear the non fancy template.

Name: Character's Name

Alias: Nick name or preferred name you want your character to go by

Age: Your character's age (Arcablenos must be 1-5 years old. This only applies for when you create your Arcableno character application.)

Nationality: Where is your character from?

Occupation: Mafia, Student, Civilian, Hitman, Arcableno

Date of Birth(Optional.): The day your character was born. (Not speaking forum terms... Speaking in actual chars birth.)

Character looks: Give a picture or description of your character

Flame: List which flame your character has. Read under rules for flames. If your an ability user just put ability.

Second Flame: This is the flame you get once your achieve 25k FV (List it now or list it once your reach 25k.) If your an ability user... put Ability S rank here. (Doesn't open up till 25k ability strength.)

Bio/History: Give a history of your character. It is recommended you have one... But in this point of time it isn't required.

RP sample: Read under rules. DO NOT COPY PASTE FROM ANOTHER SITE. If you do at least make it seems like you worked on it. >.> (Aka Same anime and name lol.) This is optional though. All it does is give you a little of an edge money wise. Depending on the quality the more money you get. 30 being the highest.

Secret Word: Somewhere in the character creation rules there is a secret word. Please read the Character creation rules and find the secret word. This is to prevent people from claiming they didn't know something even though it is listed in the rules. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THIS LISTED WITHOUT IT YOUR CHARACTER WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.(Also ignored.)
Clean template ready to copy and paste.






Date of Birth(Optional.):

Character looks:


Second Flame:


RP sample:

Secret Word:
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Character Template
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