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 Mafia and Group Creation Rules

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PostSubject: Mafia and Group Creation Rules   Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:13 pm

Mafia and Group's can be created by anyone who has declared themselves the "Leader" and two other (Other Rp'ers not NPC's) who have decided to follow this leader. You must apply for either this Mafia or Group in the "Mafia or Group Creation" area. When making this mafia or group there are some things that you need to know.

1. The strength of your group of mafia is ranked by totaling the Fiamma Volts of each person who is apart of said group or mafia. These ranks are....

D-Ranked = Automatically Acquired

C-Ranked = 50,000 Fiamma Volts

B-Ranked = 250,000 Fiamma Volts

A-Ranked = 500,000 Fiamma Volts

2. When A-ranked is acquired by either your mafia or group, this group will be able to create a set of S-ranked rings for all members. The boost for these rings on your chars will be 7,500 for stats if your Mafia or Group consist of only seven people or lower. If your group is 8 or greater, the gain for this S-ranked ring will now be 3.5k.
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Mafia and Group Creation Rules
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