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 Ring Template and Ring Rules

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PostSubject: Ring Template and Ring Rules   Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:37 pm

This may be just about the most important objects on this site. Without them a character can be weaker unless they are same crazy poster with 5k normal strength.

Rings Can increase a character's stats by a pretty good amount and be used to use weapons or box weapons. Each ring has a minimum requirement to actually use them and only TWO different ring's power can be activated at a time.

To use higher rank rings you need higher Ability Strength/FV(Fiamma Volts.)

A character can have a max of 7 rings. You are allowed to have more as long as they are S rank rings given to you by an admin. Meaning you are only allowed 7 D-A rank rings

There are S rank rings but they are only able to be created by admins and created by them.

Stat boosts are as follows:
D rank can have 50 stat boost maximum

C rank can have 150 stat boost maximum

B rank Can have 500 stat boost maximum

A rank can have 1,000 stat boost maximum

S rank are created by admins and will be displayed who has the said rings in a sticky. (Their stats will be listed there.)

FV/Ability Strength requirements:

D Rank: None
C Rank: 3,500 FV/Ability Strength
B rank: 10,500 FV/Ability Strength
A rank: 30,000 FV/Ability Strength
S rank: 40,000 FV/Ability Strength (Can be subjected to change.)

You can't use a ring or an item that requires that level of ring until you meet the FV requirement.

ONLY S RANK RINGS ARE ALLOWED TO BE TRADED IN THE BLACK MARKET. All other rings a permanent once you make them and you are stuck with them forever. So chose your 7 wisely. STATS CAN'T BE CHANGED ONCE THEY ARE MADE.
Name(Optional.): Name your rings!

Rank of Ring: Give the ring's rank

Ring Flame: What flame type is the ring? (If you are ability just put ability.)

Looks(Optional. A picture can be used.): A description or picture

Stat boost: List how much stats it gives your character. (It can only increase two stats. HP and FV/Ability Strength can't be added.) Example: A D level Ring can add like 50 points maximum and can be split into two different stats. Meaning you can put 25 in speed and 25 into defense. (THIS CAN'T BE USED TO HELP YOU BECOME ARCOBALENO... YOU NEED THE MINIMUM STATS AS A BASE.)
Clean and ready to copy paste


Rank of Ring:

Ring Flame:

Looks(Optional. A picture can be used.):

Stat boost:
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Ring Template and Ring Rules
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