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 Stat guide.

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PostSubject: Stat guide.   Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:15 am

This is where description of stats will come in. It will allow an over view of who is the strongest.

Fiamma Volts (aka Flame cost.) This is your main power source. If you run out of it I don't want to see you still using box weapons or skills. (Or anything else that requires it.) Also certain items require enough FV to activate the skill or box weapon. (Some rings cost FV as well.)

Example: Kagura activated her ring and sharp rain Flame leaped out. She inserted it into the box weapon; activating it's power. (50 Fiamma volts activating it.)

Defense: This is the main stat that will allow you to take damage. The higher your defense stat the less damage you will take. You can block all damage if defense is high enough.

Example full defense block: Let's say Kagura has 50 defense points and takes damage equal to 50 points of damage from a strength based attack. 50-50=0 meaning Kagura would take no damage from the said attack.

Example partial defense block: Kagura had 50 defense points and received an attack worth 100 points of damage. Kagura would only take 50 points of damage from the said attack.

Health Points:You need health points to live and keep your character alive. If it reaches Zero your dead.(Except if the person your fighting wanted you to live.)

Example: Kagura had 150 life points remaining and took and attack of 50 points of damage. She would only have 100 life points remaining.

Magic: Is mainly for mist users who tend to use illusions. This will be used to gage how powerful your illusions are and how much damage said illusion can do. Basic base illusions cost no FV (Fiamma Volts)

Example: If Kagura had 100 points of magic and her opponent had 75 wisdom and she used a normal illusion she would only do 25 points of damage to target.

Strength: Strength is the main offensive point for most flames. This is the base of damage you can do. Basic attacks like a punch or a kick cost no FV(Fiamma Volts)

Example: If Kagura had 200 strength and her opponent had 100 defense. She would deal 100 points of damage to the target.

Speed: Speed can be used to dodge opponents attacks. Except it can't be used to dodge magic attacks only strength based attacks. Of course it costs speed equal to the difference of your defense and their attack.

Example: If Kagura had 500 speed and 250 defense. Let's say she was under attack by and attack that had a total of 400 damage. First subtract Kagura's defense from the attack leaving 150 damage that she would take. Kagura can then decide to use 150 points of speed to dodge it. Resulting in her taking no damage. Except she only has 350 points of speed remaining now. There are some attacks that can be considered impossible to dodge... But attacks of that caliber require admins approval.

Example Partial dodge: Ok let's say you don't have enough speed to dodge an attack, but still have some left. Situation: Kagura has 350 points of speed remaining and the attack is worth 650 points of damage. First minus Kagura's defense leaving 400 points of damage. Now she only has 350 points of speed. Let's say she uses all the points of speed she has left to dodge the attack. There is a 50 point difference between the two, meaning Kagura would end up taking 50 points of damage leaving her with only 50 points of hp. (Starting with 100 points of hp.)

Wisdom: This is the stat that determines your resistance to magic. (Aka illusions.) It basically works the same as defense. It can block all damage if your wisdom is high enough.

Example full magic block: Let's say Kagura has 100 points of wisdom and she is under attack by an illusion that deals 100 points of damage. 100-100=0 meaning the attack is nullified meaning Kagura takes zero damage from said illusion.

Example Partial magic block: Kagura has 100 points of wisdom and is under attack by an illusion that deals 150 points of damage. Meaning Kagura only takes 50 points of damage from the attack.
Curious as to how to get your stats up? First you need to RP. The more you RP the more stat points you gain. Every 20 sentences = 25 stat points. You can add them into any stat you want. THE SENTENCES MUST BE DECENT!! 5 word minimum per sentence otherwise just throw it in the trash; cause it won't count towards anything. At the moment since the site isn't very big your sentence count will be reviewed by admins. Once the site gets larger this will most likely change and will be announced when it happens. Your sentences will be looked over weekly. Most likely by me. Occasionally sentence counts may be late... Don't panic or complain.

Let's say you RPed around 500 sentences this week. Well good for you then! Cause that means you gained 625 points to put into wherever you want! It is recommended you place it into whatever fits you best. Like if your a mist user try to put it into magic.

Now for stat boost gains

Hp and Fv gain 10 points into them for each stat points used on them.

Example: 10 stat points placed into either HP or FV = 100 gain in whatever you placed it in.

Defense, Speed, Strength, Magic, Wisdom. They gain only 1 for 1.

Example: If you place 10 stat points into any of the listed 5 you will only gain 10 points in the desired area.

When you place something it does not spread out to every stat area!
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Stat guide.
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